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Sania is one of the leading trade centers in the field of clothing in the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company's commercial activity was established in1416

- The company specializes in the field of clothing uniquely as most of the company's products are imported from Italy, Turkey and China, along with some homemade products. Sania is exclusively importing from countries that are essentially the origin of the fashion industry all over the world.

Sania is always working to provide the best experience for the Saudi community in terms of the diversity of our products to serve all members of the family from men and women clothes as well as children boys and girls through to infants with some necessary household products that are indispensable for every home and thus Sania provides a distinct shopping experience for all individuals A family where all the family needs are gathered in one place.

Through all Sania centers, Sania provides shopping service to 500 thousand customers per month from all over Riyadh and Saudi Arabia

Saniya has worked over the course of (26) years to provide distinguished purchasing solutions to all of its customers, providing prices that suit all segments of society, and has also worked to provide the best quality for the lowest price in order to serve the Saudi community as well as increase prevalence.


- And we always care in Sania that the quality of the product is the basis on which we build everything since the quality of the product is the cornerstone that builds the customer's trust in our centers and opens up a different vision for us every year that enables us to provide better services to our customers.

- Finally, we aim within Sanya to expand and spread our centers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the Gulf states, and we have started our practical steps by having four distinct shopping centers spread inside the city of Riyadh, and they are in Al-Rawdah neighborhood, Al-Naseem neighborhood, Al-Jazeera district, and Al-Sahafa district

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Al faruq, ar riyad, saudi arabia

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